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Avtandil (Avto) Popiashvili

March 10th 1944 - was born in Georgia
1961-64 - studied at the I. Nikoladze Tbilisi School of Art; teachers: David Urushadze, Valentine Shuhaev.

1968-74 - studied at the Tbilisi State Academy of Arts, at the faculty of fine arts, a speciality-Easel painting; teachers:  Apolon Qutateladze, Koki Maxaradze,Edmond Kalandadze.
Since 1976 has been a member of the Union of artists of Georgia.
1995-2002 - He was selected as chairman of the Section of painting of the Union of artists of Georgia, as secretary
of the Union of Artists of Georgia, as representative of the International confederation of artists’ unions in Georgia.
Many years conducted a class of painting at the Tbilisi State Academy of arts.
From 1979 taught at the Tbilisi I. Nikoladze School of Art.
Was engaged in scenography, animation, book graphics, interiors - (design, mosaic, frescos), woodcarving, etc.
The winner of Transcaucasian artists’ 1-st Biennale (1986).     
The participant of many creative trips: Palanga-Lithuania (1976), Leningrad-Russia (1985), ” Cite des ART ” - Paris-France (2002), The international open-air of painters in Kutaisi-Georgia (1995), etc.
Is one of the founder s of the Nico Pirosmani welfare fund (2002).
Many of his works are included in constant expositions of the museum of people of East in Moscow and Tokyo,  of the  State Tretyakov Gallery, of the State Museum of Art of Georgia; in the funds of the Ministry of Culture of Georgia and Russia and also in private collections in many countries of the World.

The basic exhibitions:

Since 1975 regularly participates in annual spring-autumn republican
Exhibitions in Tbilisi State Art Gallery
1976    - Gori-Georgia
1980    - Tbilisi, Gurdjaani
1981    - Tbilisi
1982    -“ЦДХ”- Moscow
1987    - « Art of Georgia » - Moscow
1991    - the center of the Georgian culture «Mziuri» - Moscow
1991    - «Art gallery» -Tallinn
1995    - « Art of Georgia » - UNESCO - Paris
1997    - « Greece in creativity of the Georgian artists » - Tbilisi
1999    - « the father and the son » - together with son-artist David Popiashvili
2000    -  Pirosmani Museum -Tbilisi
2002    -  Christmas exhibition  in the  « Caucasian house » -  Paris - France
2003    - « A.Popiashvili and pupils » - State Art Museum of Tbilisi
2007    - « the Georgian artists – for Pirosmani » -  Tbilisi - Georgia

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