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Georgian graphic art (1900-1920 )
Mary Karbelashvili
In the beginning of XX century the development of graphic art in Georgia was based on the tendencies which were characteristic for the visual art of XIX century. First was laid down the foundations of book design and illustration was laid and then -  the magazine drawings.
Art Nouveau Architectural Heritage Close to Mtskheta - Karsani Magnetic Observatory
Maia Mania
0 The Tbilisi observatory conducted magnetic observations until 1904, but had to move to Karsani, near Mtskheta in 1905, due to the electrification of Tbilisi streets.
Architecture in 1900-1920
Nunu Asatiani
The very interesting process of the development of architecture continued in the first decades of the 20th century. The furnishing of the cities with unique features has been started at the beginning of the 19th century – in a quiet, but an extremely complicated time from the socio-political point of view.
Tbilisi in 1910-1920ies (Historical Overview of the Cultural Life)
Mzia Chishradze
The cultural life of Tbilisi of 1910-1920s is an important event in the history of Georgian Art. That was the period when many creative unions and circles were established in Tbilisi and they played an important role in cultural life of the city, Caucasian Society of Fine Arts,
Oscar Schmerling and German artistic tradition Resume
Tsisia Kiladze
It is known that in XIX century was established the new Georgian painting. The first European experience brought in this time through Russia to Georgia was a realistic style and in such a way much loved and widely distributed in Russia realism was infiltrated
Tbilisi Entrance Halls

Tsisia Kiladze, Marine Medsmariashvili, Tamaz Gersamia
Tbilisi of XIX century, according to one journalist of that period, resembled the twofaced Janus – one face looked at Europe, the other one – at Asia. It was attractive with its local colour reflected in decorative appearance and everyday life. It was the period when

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